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We’re the blocked drains specialists in Sydney. No matter what your plumbing problem is, the experienced team at Collis Bros Plumbing have got you covered. We’re the Blocked Drains Specialists, and we can quickly clear any drain.

Our blocked drain services

At Collis Bros Plumbing, we are fully licensed plumbers who can handle almost any drainage problem that you may encounter, and in fact we specialise in blocked drains.

We’re able to handle blocked drains in a faster, more efficient and ultimately more cost-effective manner than most other local plumbers.

Some of the common blockages services we provide

  • Blocked sinks 
  • blocked toilets 
  • blocked shower drains 
  • blocked basins  
  • blocked internal & external drains  
  • drainage system assessment  
  • drain inspection 
  • drain unblocking  
  • drain cleaning 
  • drain repairs

CCTV Inspections & Water Jetters

Blocked drains can be a major headache for homeowners, and traditional methods of clearing them, such as using a plunger or drain snake, can sometimes be ineffective. In these cases, CCTV and a water jetter can be incredibly useful in clearing even the toughest blockages.

CCTV Drain Inspections

CCTV drain inspections involve inserting a small camera into the drain to identify the source of the blockage. This technology allows plumbers to locate the exact location and cause of the blockage without having to dig up the pipes, which can save time and money. Some of the benefits of using CCTV drain inspections include:

  • Accurate identification of the source of the blockage
  • Minimises disruption to your property by avoiding unnecessary digging
  • Allows for targeted repairs that address the root cause of the blockage

Water Jetter Drain Cleaning

Water Jetter hydro cleaning involves using high-pressure water jets to clear blockages in the drain. This technology is incredibly effective in removing stubborn blockages, such as tree roots or grease buildup. Some of the benefits of using water jetter technology include:

  • Can clear even the toughest blockages
  • Removes buildup on the walls of the pipes, preventing future blockages
  • Is environmentally friendly, as it does not involve the use of harsh chemicals

By combining CCTV drain inspections with a water jetter, plumbers can accurately identify and clear even the toughest blockages, ensuring that your drains flow smoothly and efficiently.

Drain Blockages FAQ’s

Blocked drains can range in cost as it depends on why the drain is blocked and how fast we are able to pinpoint the issue.

We don’t offer a fixed price to unblock a drain until we know exactly what has caused the problem.This will be discussed with you by our team and we’re transparent with our fees so you won’t get a surprise later on.

If you’re a homeowner then in most cases you will want to call us to fix the blockage. As the owner, any drainage issues are your responsibility. 

If you’re renting, it’s typical that the blocked drain occurred because items have become lodged in the drainage system. If that is the case and the blocked drain is because of this, then it’s usually the tenant who’s responsible. You might wish to speak to your property manager because there might be an issue outside of your control which the owner will be responsible for. The cause of the blockage may not be known until after the plumber arrives and fixes the blockage.

Things begin to get backed up, and funky smells start to linger. It’s not exactly fun, as you will quickly realise.

To keep it simple, a blockage occurs because foreign objects are stopping the free flow of water (or waste) through a pipe. If the blockage isn’t dealt with, then the matter isn’t going to fix itself.

If you have the knowledge, experience, and equipment to both identify & resolve the blockage then you could attempt this yourself. If you don’t or you’re not successful in your efforts, then call Collis Bros and we’ll quickly help you out.

Generally not, although there are always exceptions in life. Talk to your plumber and your insurance company for more details.

If you have tree roots infiltrating your pipes, then you really do need a drainage specialist like Collis Bros Plumbing. Tree roots can cause blockages, although this may just be the tip of the iceberg. If we ascertain that it is tree roots that are causing your blocked drains, then we’ll be able to advise you on the best course of action.

If you have blocked drains, then call the specialists

While your blocked drain is hopefully a simple matter of a foreign object that can easily be removed, it could in fact turn out to be something much more sinister. Collis Bros Plumbing are the blocked drains specialists across Sydney. Call us now to tell us about your blocked drains, and we’ll be able to provide you with expert advice and take care of the situation.

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